Basement Repair

Have cracks in the wall, ceiling, or floor?
Is your basement floor sinking or sagging?

Foundation damage and structural issues can lead to escalating repair costs, additional water damage, and declining property value. Address foundation and basement issues early-on before more serious damage occurs.

Turn to the experts at Foundation Pros of Wisconsin for more for basement repair in the Wisconsin area. No sales reps here. You’ll work directly with our foundation professional who will design solutions to fit your exact needs. We offer easy financing options and a warranty on most services.

What are the signs you need basement repair?

Wall Cracks

You typically begin to notice long cracks in the wall. Significant settlement can lead to pronounced horizontal, vertical, and stair-step cracks.

Horizontal Cracks

Excess water can cause soil to expand and lead to lateral displacement. This can lead to visible horizontal cracks or the wall buckling inward which would require foundation repair along with any damage caused to the basement.

Vertical Cracks

Surface seepage and settlement are key causes of vertical cracks. Vertical cracks commonly leak and if not repaired can become more substantial over time.

Damaged Joists and I-Beams

Related to the sagging floors, the support systems start to droop. Additionally, you may notice the doors and windows are not shutting correctly.

Wall Movement

Movement is detected when you notice cracks in the walls shifting. Additionally, you may notice walls bending or bulging.

Deteriorated and Damaged Brick

Due to brick’s porous nature, moisture collects causing it to erode. You’ll notice flakiness and powdery residue.

Deteriorated and Damaged Cinder Block

Signs of efflorescence (a white powdery deposit) will develop on cinder blocks. Additional damage is seen in cracks, breakage, corner separation, and holes.

Sagging Floors

Often noticed in older homes, the first floor will start sagging. The floor will feel spongy and you may notice crays in the drywall.

What to do when you find out you need Basement Repair?

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, give us a call right away at 262-933-5616 for a free consultation. We understand this can be an intimidating process. With complete clarity, we’re available to answer your questions and educate you.

Fixing your foundation issues can:

major basement repair

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